Litefeet History Pt. 7

The Media Era - 2013 – 2017

In 2013, major record labels, recording artists and brands began to notice Litefeet due to the popularity of train dancing or “Hitting” movement that Litefeet incited. A team known as the “Waffle Crew” became the first Litefeet team to showcase Litefeet in mainstream media. Waffle Crew member, Kid the Wiz (popular Litefeet dancer and producer), showcased on “America’s Got Talent”, giving Litefeet more notoriety. Brooklyn-based Litefeet teams such as “Team Rocket” and “Breakfast Club” continued to help the dance gain its acceptance on national and international levels by traveling, teaching and competing.

Within the battle movement, Brooklyn-based team “Lyve Tyme” created a new version of Litefeet. This became the next step in the evolution of Litefeet dance culture. Lyve Tyme had a legendary rivalry with another team known as the “2 Real Boyz”. These two teams kept the battle movement vibrant and interesting for fans.

The brand Mindlezz Thoughtz became the primary coordinators of all Litefeet battle events, and important Litefeet footage during the Media Era. They also created special battle events that included themes. Some of these popular events were:

  • “King of The Hill” (a 2-on-2 tournament)
  • “Queen of The Hill” (a tournament showcasing women in Litefeet)
  • “Tricks Are for Kids” (a battle event centered around shoe tricks and hat tricks)
  • “Proving Grounds” (a Litefeet vs Flexin’ battle event)
  • “Apocalypse” (the all-star event that held at the end of every year)



The International/Instagram Era - 2017- Present

Dancers from all over the world began gaining interest in Litefeet due to its exposure in mainstream media. Litefeet has continued to gain popularity within the street dance community due to the creative growth of Litefeet culture.

By 2017, Litefeet’s popularity grew as it transitioned from being showcased on Youtube to Instagram.

Presently, we are in an era where, throughout the United States and many countries (including, but not limited to Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Argentina, Australia, Peru, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Australia, Czech Republic, Thailand and the Philippines) have communities of Litefeet dancers. In addition, many popular Litefeet dancers have been growing their respective followings on Instagram and other forms of social media by the million. As Litefeet continues to grow on an international scale and more people take interest in this dance, it is important to maintain its fundamental values by understanding its history and culture. 

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