Litefeet History Pt. 3

Golden Era – 2006 - 2008

The Golden Era of Litefeet was when Litefeet exploded in popularity throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

In 2006, Litefeet became a popularized dance and was first exhibited, in its entirety, at a popular basketball event called ATM Live. This event was held in the basketball gym in the Milbank Community Center in Harlem, NY. AG aka The Voice of Harlem was the announcer at this event. Team Litefeet, along with as other original Harlem dancers would be at this event showing off the style before the games and during half time.

The First Popular Dancers to start doing Litefeet:

Ralph (aka Mr. 5000) and Charlie Rockz were child legends during the Harlem Shake Era and became the first well known dancers to make the individual Litefeet dances popular.

The first Litefeet dance teams that became popular in Harlem were:

  • Team Nerd - Teyana Taylor and Matt
  • Red Carpet Models - Kanye East (aka Lina McBride) and Day Day
  • Breakfast Club - Chrybaby Cozie, Phresh, Mystery Man and Monique
  • Brotherhood (the first popular team from The Bronx) - Mr. Youtube, Chedda Bob, Mr. Jones, Ducksauce and KP
  • Flystreet - Dlite and Pnut (the first popular Litefeet dancer from Queens)


Brotherhood is credited towards creating the Litefeet Lab (a regular Litefeet session in New York). Some of the dancers in this team were some of the first people to make Litefeet a high-level & structured dance style.

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