Litefeet History Pt. 5

The Underground Era – 2009-2012

By 2009, Litefeet Culture was solely based within battles. Litefeet as a “trendy dance” had faded and it became unpopular by the general public to do Litefeet anywhere in NYC.

D Cole’s “Darkwarz” battle event became the home of litefeet. However, as the battle scene developed into a flourishing movement, so did the violence. Due to the destruction of a few studios, D Cole eventually decided to stop Hosting Darkwarz.

In his place, dancers Mr. Youtube and Spaceman created two new battle events. Mr. Youtube ran “Center of Lite” and Spaceman created “Friday Nite Light/Go Off Friday”. These 2 events, along with individual training sessions such as “Citykids” Litefeet lab session (held on Thursdays), “Teen Night” (held on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and “Terror Dome” (held on Mondays and Wednesday), ushered in a new Litefeet movement.

This movement in Litefeet was based solely around battles. During this era in Litefeet, there were active dancers in every part of New York State. The Skills and different styles of Litefeet were created and mastered during this time as well.

Also, mainstream Train Dancing movement started during this time where dancers would perform in subway trains throughout New York.

Unfortunately, during the summer of 2013, most of the battles recorded during this era were deleted by a hacker. This incited Litefeet to start a brand new movement on the internet. 

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