Litefeet History Pt. 6

History of LiteFeet Music

Music in Litefeet began with Litefeet rap music.

Examples of rappers/producers who created Litefeet music include: DJ Webstar, Ron Browz, Boogie Black, Knocka, DJ Danny D and Ted Smoove.

Then, Litefeet production began.

The idea of a “Litefeet Beat” was created by D Cole, Knocka & SNS

D Cole would come up the with the ideas, then Knocka & SNS would make the music.

Other examples of early Litefeet producers include: Little SNS, D Cole, Spunk Bigga, Taylor Made, Spades (FBI), Dat Deal (DTI), K Skillz and Tye Trillion.

Litefeet music exploded during the Underground and Media Eras when more producers started making beats.

The first popular Producers in the Underground Era include:

Ty Trillion, T Smoove, SG Flow, Larry Love, Bud Light, Spunk Bigga, SNS, and J hype to name a few.

But the most Popular Producers from the Underground Era were

Kid the Wiz, Lil Live, Chris Designs, Top Flight, and Larry Smoove. To this day, they are still the leading producers within the litefeet movement.

During the Media Era, Litefeet Music changed again thanks to the producers in a group called “New Mem”, led by a producer named BSN.

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